Best coconut oil on the market!

As something of a coconut oil veteran, I can tell you that having tried a Skinny coconut oil product reviewwhole range of other coconut old brands over the years, I have finally found the best in the business.

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Skinny & Co even looks different the second you get a look at the jar and can see that it’s completely clear and not mixed with any ‘filler’ oils. I’ve tried a lot of mixed coconut oil products that weren’t organic or raw and there is a huge difference in how I feel using Skinny & Co coconut oil compared to ones that are not as pure. Even the smell when you open it up is completely different. I’ve been using organic coconut oil for years as it improves my memory function and because it’s packed with healthy fats that reduce cholesterol, so it is great to finally have found an oil I can trust to help me achieve all of that!

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I usually put a spoonful in my tea in the morning and it’s worlds apart from other brands I’ve tried, not oily or greasy at all, just really smooth and creamy. It’s also great for using as an all natural hair mask. I just rub it into the dry ends of my hair and they turn from frazzled to glossy in a few seconds. Way better than any fancy non-organic conditioners I’ve tried. There are so many uses for coconut oil and I’m still discovering them as time goes on but I like to apply it after I have a bath or shower as it really seals in moisture and my skin has never looked better (or so people tell me!).

I do all my cooking now using Skinny & Co coconut oil and find it adds a really pleasant taste to the food, like a light coconut essence to a veggie stir fry for example. I use it in everything, even deserts and it’s perfect for holding together all the ingredients in things like raw vegan caramel slices (I know- I can’t believe they exist either!) whereas other brands I’ve used have not worked as well and didn’t set properly at colder temperatures. I make all my deserts with coconut oil but I’ve found it also helps to keep my weight down if I eat coconut oil every day and it really keeps me lean, especially around my abdomen area.

I always wanted a flatter stomach and tried everything but nothing worked until I started upping my organic coconut oil intake and then the fat just melted off. It’s also really great to know that when I cook with Skinny and Co coconut oil I’m getting all the benefits of a superfood that is keeping me not just trim but healthy as well. I’m certainly a coconut oil convert for life and can’t imagine using anything else other than Skinny & Co coconut oil from now on. Take it from someone who has tried a lot of different coconut oils in the past – this one is the best of the best!

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Author: Jenny

Author: Jenny

Clean eating and coconut oil enthusiast

“My weight has never been better since adding coconut oil to my diet. My appetite is back under control and the topical uses for hair, skin, teeth and weight loss are nothing short of a miracle!”

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I love everything about high quality coconut oil. It has nourished my body and helped transform the way I look, feel and think. I hope my blog will do the same for you! Jenny 🙂