What kind of coconut oil should I buy?

What kind of coconut oil should I buy, refined or unrefined?

Coconut oil is used all over the globe. Even though it has a high saturated fat content, coconut oil also has a wide range of nutritional and health benefits. You must be wondering “What kind of coconut oil I should buy?” and “Where can I buy coconut oil?” There are two main types of coconut oil:

  • Refined
  • Unrefined

To buy virgin coconut oil or refined coconut oil, that is the question.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Unrefined Coconut Oil

Unrefined coconut oil, also known as virgin or pure coconut oil, is made from dried, fresh coconut meat. It has a strong coconut flavor as it is not subjected to high temperature. When you buy virgin coconut oil, you will see that there is no fixed difference between virgin and extra virgin coconut oil among different brands. Each company has its own definition of these labels. But generally, virgin and extra-virgin coconut oils are manufactured from the first pressing of raw, fresh coconut and no additives are added.

Flavor can range from mild to intense depending upon the extraction process. No chemicals are used in processing of pure organic coconut oil. Make sure that you buy organic coconut oil that has not been hydrogenated, if you can find it, as it is the healthiest choice. Unrefined coconut oil rarely contains Trans Fats.

What kind of coconut oil should I buy?


Buy organic coconut oil if you need these benefits:

  • Taste: Unrefined coconut oil has a better flavor than refined coconut oil as it is not subjected to bleaching so it retains its natural taste. Buy organic coconut oil for its strong flavor and scent.
  • Nutrients: It has a higher nutritional value than the refined type, as it is unprocessed and not passed through high temperatures. Buy organic coconut oil because it is especially rich in proteins which are absent in refined coconut oil. It also has more vitamins and antioxidants.
  • Natural: It is not passed through any chemical processing or bleaching so it is natural and best choice for people who are very cautious about chemical additives. Buy organic coconut oil to avoid any chemical substances, especially if you want to use it for your face.


When you buy virgin coconut oil keep these points in mind:

  • Hygiene: It is less hygienic than its counterpart because it may contain unwanted particles or impurities.
  • Therapeutic Uses: It may not be appropriate for as many curative uses as refined coconut oil.
  • Availability: Organic, unrefined coconut oil is difficult to find than the refined varieties. Buy virgin coconut oil from a trusted source to avoid substandard quality.
  • Cost: In spite of being less processed, it is usually more expensive than refined coconut oil. Most coconut oils are refined therefore unrefined coconut oil can be expensive because it is difficult to find in the market.

Refined coconut oil

Refined coconut oil is produced solely from dried coconut meat, known as copra. This coconut meat is bleached and processed to eliminate potential germs in the coconut meat. Coconut oil is then subjected to a high temperature to extract the taste and odor of coconut from the oil, and many manufacturers will also employ chemicals to extract maximum oil from the coconut meat. Often, sodium hydroxide is added to boost shelf life, but not in all cases.

What kind of coconut oil should I buy?


  • Availability: You don’t have to spend hours roaming through shops in search of refined coconut oil as it is readily available and don’t have to ask yourself that where can I buy coconut oil?
  • Hygiene: It is more hygienic than crude coconut oil as impurities and contaminants are removed.
  • Price: It is a more budget friendly choice than organic coconut oil.
  • Cons:
  • Nutritional value: It has lesser nutritional value than organic coconut oil. Buy organic coconut oil for a more nutritious choice.
  • Additives: The chemicals present in it have potentially harmful aspects as well. Buy organic coconut oil if you are allergic to any chemicals.

Where can I buy coconut oil?

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Methods of extraction


  • Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

I highly recommend you use cold pressed coconut oil. In preparation of cold pressed coconut oil, coconut meat is mechanically pressed at a temperature not more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature settings are crucial for the quality of cold pressed coconut oil. Pure cold-pressed coconut oil is not processed or deodorized.

  • Mechanical Centrifuge

This method is used for the extraction of virgin coconut oil from the coconut meat. It is cut into pieces and centrifuged; the oil is separated and collected.

  • Expeller Method

The expeller coconut extraction process makes use of a mechanized cylindrical barrel to create a pulverized version of coconut meat known as coconut cake. The last step in this extraction process uses hexane, to separate the oil from the coconut cake. Refining is often essential to purify the extract from the oil.

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Author: Jenny

Author: Jenny

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