Jenny on Coconut Oil Uses

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Hi I’m Jenny, welcome to my first website.

I’m a mom, wife, daughter, avid gardener, vegan, coconut oil lover and new to this world of blogging. And I can’t believe I’m doing this!!!

I decided to create this website to share one of my biggest loves…coconut oil! Over the years I’ve found so many wonderful uses and in my opinion it is one of natures miracle tonics. Whether I am cooking with coconut oil, consuming raw, or applying topically it always makes me look and feel super healthy.

As a vegan trying to eat as raw as possible, coconuts have become a staple product in my household. Hopefully you have had the wonderful experience of drinking pure coconut water, which is perfect after your daily workout. We all know that the dried flesh is considered a super food and is added to museli, baking and all sorts of “health” snacks. Coconut cream is totally underestimated, but is great as a base for desserts, smoothies and of course asian cooking – yum!

So why did I dedicate this website to coconut oil? Because I think this is the most versatile form of the coconut and not only works wonders when I consume it but coconut oil has many beauty treatments as well.

To help cover the costs of running my website I promote my favorite coconut oil products, so if you purchase anything advertised here I will receive a commission…and I really do appreciate your support should anything catch your eye!

I hope you enjoy my articles and I’d love to hear your feedback through the comments section. I would especially love to know the results you get from experimenting with coconut oil, because I’m keen to try new things too.

Have fun, and enjoy health and wellness!

Jenny 🙂