7 Amazing Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Hair7 Amazing Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Hair!

The use of coconut oil for hair is quite popular all around the world. But, what makes organic coconut oil so special and why are millions of people in a frenzy about it?

Organic coconut oil is rich in vitamins, essential nutrients and minerals. These nutrients are beneficial for your body as a whole, especially for your hair. Coconut oil for hair has been in use for hundreds of years. Nutrients in organic coconut oil keep the hair lustrous, strong, nourished and safe from the effects of premature aging, like excessive hair loss and baldness. Let’s delve into the world of organic coconut oil and see the wonders it can do for your hair


Top 7 benefits Of Coconut Oil for Hair 

  1. Prevents Hair Loss:

People have been using organic coconut oil for grooming their hair for centuries now. Organic coconut oil has a great capacity to retain moisture. It is very stable. It is not easily broken down nor does it evaporate. It does not let moisture from hair escape, thus keeping hair soft and moist, which prevents breakage.

There is a complete range of home remedies for hair that make use of organic coconut oil. One such remedy is to mix organic coconut oil with lightly burnt sage leaves. You can apply this herbal mixture to your scalp for healthy growth of hair, and its application will also prevent hair loss.

Using a mixture of organic coconut oil and lime water can also reduce hair loss, as does the mixture of organic coconut oil and gooseberries. Heat the gooseberries in organic coconut oil until they become soft and then apply it on the scalp and massage gently.

  1. Prevents Hair Damage:

The use of coconut oil for hair helps decrease protein loss in both damaged as well as undamaged hair. This ability of organic coconut oil is due to the presence of lauric acid in it. Lauric acid easily makes its way into your hair and helps them retain their proteins. It can be used for grooming hair before or after a wash.

  1. The Best Hair Conditioning:

Taking good care of hair and scalp is a big issue, especially if you’ve got dry, thin hair. However, using strong chemical synthetic haircare products for cleansing and conditioning may cause a dry scalp. Nourishing dry hair is among numerous coconut oil benefits.

Organic coconut oil is a better conditioner for hair than any branded one available in the market. Use of lukewarm, organic coconut oil helps keep the hair lustrous, shining and soft. Just apply some warm organic coconut oil at night and wash your hair in the morning. Repeat this after every few days for healthy, strong and shiny hair. It is very easy to prepare a hair conditioner at home using organic coconut oil. It does not have any side effects. Mix some coconut oil, henna and warm milk to make a thick mixture. Apply this paste to the hair for fifteen minutes and then wash hair properly. This mixture is very effective, especially for dry hair.

  1. Anti-Dandruff:

Organic coconut oil is rich in fatty acids which act as very potent anti-dandruff agents and are far more effective than any anti-dandruff shampoos. Regular use of coconut oil for hair can help you get rid of dandruff permanently. Mix it with lukewarm water and castor oil. Use this mixture for treating dandruff.

Another home remedy for dandruff is to mix sesame seed oil with organic coconut oil. Apply this mixture for about twenty minutes and then shampoo your hair properly.

  1. Lice Protection:

Lice are annoying and troublesome bugs in your hair. They cause itching and are a source of embarrassment. There are many anti-lice shampoos available for getting rid of these pests; but unfortunately, they can cause damage to hair due to their chemical constituents. Combing wet hair with a fine comb dipped in organic coconut oil is a good remedy for getting rid of lice without damaging hair.

  1. Natural Hair Toning:

Coconut oil for hair is also a toning agent, especially for dry hair. Apply a heated mixture of organic coconut oil and lavender oil in your hair at night before going to bed. Wash your hair thoroughly the next morning. Repeat this every few days until you get your desired results.

  1. Coconut-and-Coconut-Oil Cooling Properties:

Organic coconut oil can cool and soothe people with hot and itchy scalps, or those who suffer frequently from severe scalp sweating.

So, what’s the wait? Say good bye to dull and weak hair! Say hello to coconut oil to get shiny, smooth and stronger hair that you’ve always dreamed of.

I would love to know what results you’ve seen by nourishing your hair with coconut oil, leave me your results in the comments!

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Author: Jenny

Author: Jenny

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